Ora Regenesis Spa is a personal gateway in this ever busy world. This is a very good step to experience calmness, serenity and soul invigorating aromas. We have design beautiful spa therapies and treatments for you. We provide you variety of world class skin treatments with spa services to provide a holistic experience. Ora Regenesis Spa is the most luxurious Spa in Pune focused on providing top class Spa and skin care experience to our customers. We provide you world class service wi[...] Read more →



Imagine after a stressful work week! Spa is a best gateway in this ever busy world. Ora Regenesis Spa located in pune offers an abundance of choices, which guest have the capacity to view a “Spa Menu” with options of a Massage, facials, manicure’s and pedicures, waxing and paraffin, body treatments and wraps, hair and make-up, and many more . The options are countless, also don’t overlook the “Signature Services” they offer that will melt your stress away.A day spa in pune offers a differ[...] Read more →



Thai massage is done in a style of massage that combines acupressure, and also there is some yoga posture & Ayurveda. It is a traditional massage treatment. In this Thai massage treatment, no oil & continue observation on the body and you're completely clothed. This Thai massage is done on the mat or on the floor. It is like yoga in which therapist uses his or her hands, knees, legs, and feet to move for stretching and also applies on muscle compression, joint mobilization, and acupressure[...] Read more →



Look Beautiful in this winter season by looking beautiful . Winter brings along a pleasant climate, and not using a sweat or warmer. We welcome winter with open arms, however the one thing that we often forget is – What is our winter skincare strategy? Are our skin, hair and body really prepared to welcome it?The changing temperatures and har[...] Read more →



It is quite obvious that every individual is different from each other and each individual has their own needs based on the body structure and several other factors. However, some needs are common for everyone. Among these common needs, body massaging is an important one that paves a great benefit to human body and mind also. Throughout the world, there are several types of massage therapies and based on the origin of each of them, the names and the strokes of these are different. Some of the co[...] Read more →



Let’s face it if a woman has hair any place other than the accepted locations. For example head, eyebrows, eyelashes, she is probably looking for a way to get rid of it. Make a move to Spa waxing for exfoliation for this fall. You will get pampered, and your skin will be left with silky smooth skin. Primarily, Spa is business establishment which people visit for personal care and treatments performed by trained professionals. All this and more just for you. Typical of these relaxation [...] Read more →



In the age of digitization where all of us are busy in running towards our career and money, apparently there is no time for to take care of our health and beauty. People hardly make out time to go to the saloon parlous to take care of their body and other related aspects. This is why Ora Regenesis has emerged as Best Spa in Pune. The best thing about these spas is that they have skilled beauty and well-being spa specialists.They offer quality services in the ease of hotel or any other e[...] Read more →



If someone wants to look fresh and beautiful, he must know that in order to achieve his desire, need smooth and soft skin. So he wants to understand the techniques that can be used for this purpose. Cosmetics can help you look beautiful, and the spa face is the source of natural beauty. Its effects are long for less than a few hours of other cosmetics. It must be remembered that it is good for our skin and we should not be reluctant to listen to his allegations. Deep cleaning is the most i[...] Read more →



Do you like to occasionally visit beauty care for a variety of beauty Spas treatments - Facial treatments, Manicure -Pedicures, Body Wrap & Scrub, Body Massages, Nails and other beauty treatments are very important because they make you feel good and not just look good. However, when you finish these treatments, you need to be especially careful about your face. Spa Facial is ideal for once in month, as they help to get rid of dead cells that cover facial skin. These dead cells make your[...] Read more →



Sports massage focuses on optimizing the health of muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints to prevent sports injuries or healing after injury. It is used before or after a sporting event or during training. Sports massage therapists trained in a variety of massage therapies, including stretching techniques that can be incorporated into the course of treatment. Please be sure to ask the therapist what massage skills they are trained in.   Above and Beyond:  Advances in PNF or propri[...] Read more →