Chennai is the beauty of nature & best tourist place. Because of that many people spending their holiday time with their family in different places like marina beach, especially for ladies their express avenue shopping mall, Mahabalipuram temple, national art gallery & differents types of museum. In Chennai, there is also an industrial area. More IT field means more stress and also for tourist for removing their stress Ora Regenesis Spa is the best option for you.But, they really don't know how [...] Read more →



According to archaeologists, history of cosmetics and related fields back to the good old days around 3500 BC. The Greeks and Romans were known for cosmetic use. Later in the 19th century, women were very fond of using cosmetics and would like to know the ladies fragile. The aim was to look like delicate flowers, and they used to give special attention to the makeup faces, hands and feet. It is now known the auspices of the hands and feet as a manicure and pedicure, respectively, in terms[...] Read more →



When you are checking the various spas and massage in the Pune, the review states and its suburbs, do you read the praises and honors by the reputable ones. This is because massage may actually have helped many bounce back to life. Art and science of massage are to help the manipulation of the body by using,PressureTensionMovementVibration Spa services at affordable prices The best Spa in Pune working on specific your requirements, we will assign you a massage and a well t[...] Read more →



Have you tried ever to determine Spa yourself? If you have, then you probably already know how the easiest is that the image is the same as that of the definition? Well, spa center facility to provide therapy to people with relaxation, health and detoxification through water treatment or hydrotherapy. This day spa in Kolkata is not limited to the existence of the sauna or mineral baths all have gone far beyond that motivates many kind of more services for it.Why take a Spa at Kolkata?The first t[...] Read more →



Massage therapy constitute much more than just a relaxing time for those who go for it. There is clinical evidence that also have emotional privileges in addition to the physical benefits touted it so you actually have to look for larger services specialist massage therapy can offer. As the number of individuals who recognize the privileges of the massage increases so do the number of people who pay for them and this is good for the well-being of all. The first is the interest that provides stre[...] Read more →



Essential oils are used in aromatherapy from thousands of years, its help to reduce the stress and feeling of peace, relation & satisfaction. One of the most notable essential oils is frankincense oil, which is obtained from the resin of Boswellia trees. Said as the "King of oil", incense oil offers numerous healths benefits, helps boost immune system function and prevents illness.  While there are many advantages of frankincense oil, we picked up three of his most powerful uses.Helps Reduce Str[...] Read more →



For the purposes of this blog we will only explain you a few of the most popular stretch of the types and methods of hydrotherapy to complete massage therapy. There are several other types of advanced methods of water treatment, which are used by health care professionals that require another person or considered advanced for the use of stretching.Static stretching: This is where the lengthened muscles and held in a comfortable position for a certain period of time. It is best to hold the stretc[...] Read more →



Massage Therapy is a technique to relieve the soft tissues of the body that serves the functional and psychological benefits. It includes massage manipulating the body with pressure, vibration, and motion. Target tissues include massage muscles, skin, tendons, ligaments, joints, connective tissue, as well as lymphatic vessels. Usually it is applied to massage the fingers, elbows, forearm, and feet.This massage can be done on the massage table, a chair, or mat spread on the floor. There are diffe[...] Read more →



One of the oldest integrated treatment techniques, it has been using massage techniques by man since time immemorial to relax muscles, relieve aches and pains, mainly to renew the body. From the ancient Greeks and Romans to the Indians and Chinese, it has been developed each set of massage techniques that help to relax, relieve muscle tension, and provide pain relief.Massage the word is derived from the French word or massage "friction of the dough." Basic massage elements and, therefore, consis[...] Read more →



Article will help you learn different benefits from the presence of spa treatments. In addition, the mind and the body rejuvenated several other pluses of having one.Spa treatments are a great way to feel rejuvenated and relaxed. With the hectic schedule day after day and exhaustion is the most obvious one outcome could be. To be free from this mental and physical fatigue you can choose to get various best spa treatments in Delhi and  day spa treatment in Kolkata  & massage therapy in Pune.Almos[...] Read more →