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According to archaeologists, history of cosmetics and related fields back to the good old days around 3500 BC. The Greeks and Romans were known for cosmetic use. Later in the 19th century, women were very fond of using cosmetics and would like to know the ladies fragile. The aim was to look like delicate flowers, and they used to give special attention to the makeup faces, hands and feet. It is now known the auspices of the hands and feet as a manicure and pedicure, respectively, in terms of modern cosmetics. Today, it is the industry that you see is always a beauty salon in any place you visit in any city.

Pune is a global village famous for many of its services such as business, beauty, sports, shopping, and Information Technology (IT) in short, Pune is famous for everything. Spa in Pune, nails spa Pune and spa deals Pune is much famous and attract women from all over the India. Rightly so, they have experts who deal with hundreds of celebrities and actresses from all over the India. In this famous center of excellence and one gets the most professional staff and fully trained, and one can relax and enjoy treatments at their luxurious halls or even in the comfort of your home.

Types of Makeup

Point to keep in mind that most cosmetics are said to be distinct, taking into account the area of ​​the body to be applied to. Here are some types of makeup:

Lip Gloss: This is the lipstick in liquid form.

Lip stick, lip gloss lips: These are all water proof, and designed to be applied by hand or penis.

Basis. This is used to soften the face and cover spots or variation in the skin.

Face Powder: usually used to lay the foundation and remove small spots.

Mascara: This is used to lengthen, overshadow and thicken eyelashes.

Eyebrow pencils, creams and candles: These are used to determine the eyebrows.

Nail polish. It is used to make colored fingernails and feet.

Skin care products

Each skin products constitute a part of the general cosmetics beauty care. Basically they include lotions, creams and moisturizers for the body and face. The following types of skin that gets a separate and special type of treatment;

Natural skin

Dry skin

Oily skin

Combination Skin

Sensitive skin

The benefits of makeup and cosmetics:

Since most of these contain zinc oxide & titanium dioxide and these contain anti-inflammatory properties that can have a calming effect on the skin. Mineral makeup is very effective for women who suffer from acne problems and they provide protection from the sun as well.

Cosmetics industry is one of the more lucrative than those of modern times and spa in Pune is becoming just an example. There are products innumerable bilateral and products that come in, and also the latest technologies that ensure maximum safety for human skin degrees. Demand related with cosmetics and fashion products prove that the great progress these days. Since the boom in the cosmetics industry, you can find the best spa in Pune and nails attractive Spa deals Pune on excellent service.