10 Ways to Get Rid of Blackheads with Spa Treatments

There are plenty of home remedies for blackheads, but few are as effective as a spa treatment carried out by specialists. If you want to improve your skin by getting rid of them, check out some of the best black capes spa treatments.

Of clay masks and face special medical supplies, chemical peels, and discover the most effective black capes treatments that you can get at a spa. While kits are also available for in home use more, you will usually get a more powerful effect with the help of a licensed cosmetologist.

Facial steaming

While steam pores do not open automatically for every type of skin, it definitely increases the ease of extracting blackheads for many. You can try steaming at home, but you'll be much more relaxed in the spa, where it's just a small part of the overall treatment. Skip facial steaming if you suffer from rosacea or any kind of fungal infection.

Clay masks

Definitely one of the best black capes and masks mud spa treatments can draw impurities from the skin with a deep cleansing effect. It can also contribute to a temporary escape before cleanse your skin, but it is very effective when it comes to remove blackheads. Choose kaolin clay masks, because the white clay that can help clean up your own pores with less than other types of clay side effects.

Treatment glycolic acid chemical peels

Often used Salicilyc treatments and glycolic acid in the process of removing blackheads. AHAs are BHAs and available in many exfoliators, but spa treatment under the supervision of a licensed cosmetologist has the highest concentration can be more effective against blackheads. If this does not provide the desired result, it can be other chemical peels that help more, but can not use them regularly.


Usually follow extractions of blackheads facial steaming, and when you are performed by professional, right from the scarring is much smaller than it was when you do it yourself at home, making it one of the best spa treatments for black capes. Get rid of clogged pores can be performed with tools such as loop comedone guns makers remove the extract, but  sanitizeall of your face and instruments are  sanitize, and are treated with a skin disinfectant after the operation.

Manual peeling

Special scrubs that are used for manual peeling in spas can also provide relief from blackheads. Do not be afraid to ask questions about this kind of peeled used, some may be too harsh for your skin, but with a licensed cosmetologist advice you'll be able to find the right option.

Laser treatment

Isolaz has been developed for the treatment of acne, but it is also one of the best spa treatments for black capes. It combines the power of laser treatment with a vacuum and topical application. Unlike chemical peels, which can damage sensitive skin, Isolaz and other types of laser treatment more gentle on your skin while still help you get rid of blackheads.

Medical Supplies

Another excellent way to solve the problem of your black capes, medical supplies available for in home remedies, but you're better off to get treatment at a spa. The process is painful also encourages the production of collagen.

Galvanic Spa treatment

One of the best spa treatments for black capes, the use of direct currents through galvanic facial treatment to remove impurities from the skin. It is not a treatment that can get in the house, and the results can be impressive after a few sessions.

Volcanic ash face

If you've already tried clay masks with a slight improvement, facials, volcanic ash is an alternative way to pull impurities from the skin. Volcanic ash is rich in sulfur, which helps to protect the skin from environmental damage.

Periodic maintenance

Once you've tried the best spa treatments for black capes, it is important to stay on top of the situation so that blackheads do not return. You will need to clean your face twice a day, and use gentle exfoliator chemical up to three times a week. Choose oil-free moisturizers and change that Wanger weekly.

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