Get your skin smooth in this winter at Spa in Aundh

Let’s face it if a woman has hair any place other than the accepted locations. For example head, eyebrows, eyelashes, she is probably looking for a way to get rid of it. Make a move to Spa waxing for exfoliation for this fall. You will get pampered, and your skin will be left with silky smooth skin.

Primarily, Spa is business establishment which people visit for personal care and treatments performed by trained professionals. All this and more just for you. Typical of these relaxation services include massages and facials completed in one whole day. Baths are added features to spas treatments. They may range from hot steam baths to extraordinary mineral baths. Helping in the healing and relaxation of bodies, baths are famed for their therapeutic effects and medicinal properties. Don’t miss out on facials and scrubs and procedures provided by nearly all day spas. These are procedures involving a selection of facial skin treatments such as exfoliation, extraction, masks, massages, peels, and steam.

All these types differ in the machine used to perform the ritual but are all aimed at producing a glowing, youthful skin for their clients. Massages relieve sore bodies of busy people of the harmful effects of stress. The manipulation of external and deeper layers of muscles and connective tissues promotes healing of aching muscles and relaxation and well-being. Waxing service is one of the day spa sought by almost all women in the world. It is the method of semi-permanent hair removal for aesthetic purposes. Removal of unwanted hair in the face, bikini area, arms, back, legs, feet, stomach and even along the eyebrows may be done with waxing. There are two methods in Waxing.

The first process entails spreading of wax mixture thinly over the skin while waxing. This procedure eliminates the wax with the undesired hair. The second way which is beneficial for those who have sensitive skin includes an application of thick wax that is allowed to cool and harden in the area with unwanted hair. The waxing therapist then removes the hardened wax without the use of cloth. Nail care such as manicures and pedicures are also available. Other day spa services which promote health to the body are aromatherapy, Body ScrubBody BathsBody wrapsexpress servicessignature massage and meditation.


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