Protect Your Skin in This Summer Spa Treatments

Don’t worry about your skin in a summer season. Because Ora Regenesis spa provides you the best spa services.  Summer time is for only enjoyment but at that time there is lots of sun exposure. Ora Regenesis spa is the best option for keeping your skin soft & refreshment.  We provide you the best services like body massages, Body scrub/bath/wraps, Manicure, Pedicure, and facial.

The best spa treatments in summer:


At the beginning of a summer season massage will help you for relaxation before you start your wonderful season. The massage will help you to relieve your stress from winter. There are many types of massages are available like distress massage, reflexology massage, Thai massage, Rope massage, Swedish massage, Hot stone massage, Deep tissue massage, body sensation massage, and sport therapy massage.


Manicures will you for swimsuit season, and you choose colorful color which is perfect match to your summer clothing. Pedicure will help you to get ready for all types of summer sandal. In winter, more dead skin will generate on your skin & you can clear all your dead skin using just one foot scrub at the spa treatment.

Full Body Moisturizing:

Many ladies go to a summer season without using any lotion, and it is difficult to wear a bathing suit with their confidence. An oil & location soften your skin in the spa. All the dry patches will throw out and the skin becomes very soft.

So try all spa treatments in a summer season for maintaining a skin & healthy skin.

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