Ora Mud, Wrap, Salt and Body Massage

Are you serious about weight loss? Especially for ladies, it is a great opportunity. Ora Regenesis Spa in Delhi provides weight reduction technique i.e. body wrap. The body wrap is also known as weight reduction technique. It also improves skin texture and keeps your skin moisturized.  In this wrap, it contains mineral rich mud, soothing creams with thermal covering. Body wraps treatment for slimming, detoxifying, relaxing, and hydrating.’

It also removes excess water from body help to eliminate toxins. If you take the right combination of herbs, essential oils, and mud or aloe vera, your body will naturally detoxify your skin’s pores. This spa treatment helps to pamper you, relax. How does it work? Just below the skin, there are three layers of fats and these three layers have individual fat cells surrounded by fluids that can accumulate in excess around these cells due to lack of exercise, poor diet, build up toxins, and aging. Toxins entered into the body through food that we ate.

During the process, you will cover with mineral or coffee based substance that wrapped in the bandage for 60 minutes. After your body wraps session you will notice your temporary cinch weight loss, softer skin & relaxed muscle. You can also burn 1000 calories in one session. There are many wonderful results of body wraps that you can feel and see. 

You feel more relaxed while you are spending your quality time alone, listening calm music over sweet smelling. You can use any type of body wrap you get your skin will be moisturized and nice.  Scrub before wraps. The exfoliating agent is sea salt, sugar or other natural ingredients, it will scrub away your dead cells on the skin surface. This is the next stage after moisturization.

So you can try body wrap in treatment in the best spa treatments Delhi. For getting 100% result.

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