Different Types of Spa Treatment and Massage Therapy Services

Spa is a way to enhance the beauty and health through body care professional. It includes a variety of services for the purpose of improving the beauty and health, such as a sauna and a swimming pool, steam room and whirlpool that's good for the health of the body.

Benefits of Spa Treatment
  • Improves blood circulation, it delivers oxygen and nutrients to cells
  • It removes waste products in the body.
  • And it provides a glowing skin and healthy body.
  • To keep your body in shape and beautiful.
  • It keeps you strong mentally and physically.
  • It loses its body weight.
  • It relieves tension, stress and makes you feel comfortable.

Types of Massage Therapy

  • Swedish massage therapy
  • Aromatherapy Massage
  • Hot stone massage
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Thai massage
  • Sports massage
  • Back massage

Swedish massage therapy:

Swedish massage therapy is the most common that come to mind for the first time therapy When people think of massage. All the beauty and Best Body Spa in Bandra Mumbai, Spa Near at IGI Airport Delhi, Spa Treatments in Kolkata, Body Massage in Chennai, Best Body Spa in Bangalore, Top Spa in Ahmedabad and Body massage in Pune offer this service. In Swedish massage first massage therapy through gentle pressure to the top and bottom of the back, then up and down the legs to warm up the body. After warming up the body, and progress to the strokes and deeper integration of the work starting in traps and semiconductor designated points if necessary. After you finish working back and arm massage. It begins with long strokes from the fingertips to the hairline With the completion of acupressure on the palms. After doing massage of arms continues with the same massage legs weapons. Work inside and outside the station for long strokes and use your thumb to work to put pressure on the foot points. After this the client side, the President of the move to the side and indulgence in the neck muscle. Then stroke down the neck and over the shoulders and the use of the fingers and thumb to determine gently pressure points on the face and scalp.

Aromatherapy massage:

Aromatherapy massage therapy is used scented plant oils called essential oil. The use of essential oils to relax, revitalize, stress reduction & balancing. Most common oils used for massage therapy and lavender, chamomile. The aromatic massage oil first select which fit your body better. Then mix 5 to 10 drops of essential oil to carrier oil. Then pour a little bit of oil in the palm of your hand and rub with your hands. After you do these apply gentle massage on the back of the client with gentle strokes long and high temperatures.

Deep tissue massage:

Deep tissue massage targets the deeper layers of muscle through slower strokes. This is mostly used massage therapy for painful muscles, repetitive strain and postural problems. This massage therapy begins by applying heat to the body using heating pads, pads coil, ceramic or other techniques, the use of heat only for 10-15 minutes otherwise it will burn the skin. Then warm up the body used for a long time, and the flow of work, which is a touch deeper muscles. Find muscles you want to target, use circular motions, working with muscle vibration and friction.

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