5 Tips to Relax your Body with Best Spas in Pune | Ora Regenesis Spa

1. Prepare your nervous system and skin before each treatment

Reach 10-15 minutes before your spa treatment and prepare your skin by bathing, steam, sauna, steam and then another final shower. This will energize your skin making the treatments more effective and allow the aroma oils to absorb more easily. 

2. Give feedback to your spa therapist during treatment

Providing feedback to the therapist during therapy will help them discover areas where tension and knots have accumulated so that they can work more effectively and achieve better results. 

3. Pain is not always good

While it is good to feel that the processor and technique are powerful enough to work on your knots, it is important that it is not too painful. A lot of pain causes the muscles to tighten after treatment and cause discomfort. A more effective approach is to reserve 2 or 3 massages to focus on the areas that have accumulated tension, and the muscles released from the therapist can then work deeper and create more flexibility. 

4. One massage is not enough to clear all the tension from the body

You really feel the effects that you should try to plan at least 3 massages over a week, especially if you hold on a lot of stress. The main systems of the body (blood circulation, muscles, nerves) need time to restart each massage will work a little deeper. 

5. Work with your therapist to create a home spa routine

Find out from your therapist what you can do to continue the benefits of treatments at home. Aromatherapy products, such as those we offer at Ora Regenesis Spa in pune, can be used in bathroom or bathroom to help keep you stress free. 

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